Care Guide

1. Regular Cleaning
Refer to details below.

2. Prompt Smudge Removal
Avoid letting smudges sit on the mat for extended periods. Promptly clean any spills or marks to maintain the mat's pristine appearance.

Staining Risk: Harsh and strong chemicals, including dyes, may cause staining on the mat.

3. Gentle Cleaning
Use a soft cloth or wipe.  Avoid abrasive materials or harsh chemicals. Certain chemicals may lead to silicone bubbling.

4. Avoid Piercing
Refrain from using sharp objects on the mat. Piercing or cutting can compromise its integrity and longevity.

By following these care instructions and exercising caution, you'll ensure your Glam Mat remains in top condition for an extended period.  


The Glam Mat is designed to enhance the hygiene and cleanliness of your beauty station. The Glam Mat is made from 100% silicone, which means it does not absorb or retain moisture, making it resistant to the growth of bacteria or mould. Following the steps outlined below will ensure The Glam Mat remains clean, hygienic and free from any residue, creating a sanitary makeup application experience for yourself or your clients.

For Quick Maintenance with Antibacterial Wipes:

1. Grab your preferred antibacterial or disinfecting wipes.

2. Gently wipe down the entire surface, focusing on stains or residue.

3. Apply gentle pressure to remove makeup or bacteria; avoid excessive force.

4. Repeat if needed, particularly for stubborn stains.

5. Allow your Glam Mat to air dry completely; skip towels to avoid lint.

For Periodic Thorough Cleaning

1. Gather warm water, mild soap, a soft cloth or sponge, and a drying rack.

2. Remove excess makeup gently with a tissue or cloth.

3. Rinse the mat under warm running water to loosen any residue.

4. Apply a small amount of mild soap or cleanser directly onto the mat.

5. Use a soft cloth or sponge to scrub, paying attention to stains.

6. Rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of soap or cleanser.

7. Shake off excess water and air dry on a rack or towel.




1. Flip it Over: Begin by turning The Glam Mat so that the logo is facing down.

2. Edge Fold: Take one edge and start folding it in towards the center.

3. Roll it Up: Glide your hands along the rolled edge to create a compact cylinder.

4. Secure with the Loop: Wrap the loop around the edge to keep The Glam Mat securely folded.

Enjoy the convenience of effortlessly folding and storing your Glam Mat for your travels or after each use!