• 2014-2021

    My love for all things makeup and beauty began at Media Makeup and followed through to my journey as an artist at MECCA! Eventually, the doors to freelance work opened and the journey of building a professional, high performing makeup kit began.

  • 2021-2023

    I NEEDED to replace that crusty towel... long story short, I could not find anything to replace it. So, I was encouraged to begin the journey to create the replacement myself. From this, The Glam Mat was born!

  • 2024 - BEYOND

    As a makeup artist myself, I know how important it is to have high quality tools in our kits and I am proud to say that The Glam Mat has become a staple and an essential item in many makeup artist kits both in Australia and abroad.

Mariah Kosmidis



The Glam Mat is the ultimate game-changer for beauty enthusiasts!  Created by professional makeup artist Mariah Kosmidis, better known as @artistrybymariah.  

The Glam Mat was born out of the desire to elevate and improve services delivered by makeup artists and other professionals in the beauty industry.  The Glam Mat filled an important gap in the market within the beauty world.  The beauty industry holds a strong focus on making people look and feel their best, and in my personal opinion, I believe that extends to the experience that is involved.  The Glam Mat not only provides a hygienic and neat set up but also adds a luxurious touch.

What sets The Glam Mat apart is its ground-breaking silicone material, providing an easy-to-clean surface that effortlessly transforms any space into a visually stunning makeup station.  Designed with the modern makeup artist in mind, it adds a touch of sophistication to your beauty routine, ensuring that setting up glam is as easy as ever!

The Glam Mat doesn't just stop at beauty; its heat-resistant construction makes it the ideal for hairstyling.  Safeguard your surfaces from the heat of your favourite styling tools with this versatile and protective mat. 

Versatility is key, and The Glam Mat knows it well.  Thanks to its rollable design, it seamlessly fits into your professional or personal glam kit.  The Glam Mat has quickly become an essential
beauty accessory in professional kits.