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About Us

The Glam Mat is a must need for all beauty lovers! Created by professional makeup artist Mariah Kosmidis (or @artistrybymariah) who simply felt like her makeup station at home and when travelling needed levelling up!
The Glam Mat is a completely innovative one of its kind silicone mat, suitable for all your mobile makeup needs! It’s a ground-breaking new product suited to all makeup artists: from the freelancing business chick on-the-go, to the self-taught girlies killing it at home, The Glam Mat will be there to enhance your journey. The easy to clean silicone construction makes setting up glam the easiest it has been and creates an aesthetically pleasing makeup station. 
The Glam Mat is made of heat resistant silicone so is perfect with any hair tool to protect your surfaces from the heat. 
The Glam Mat can be easily rolled and stored in your Professional or Personal Glam kit.