About Us

The Glam Mat is the ultimate game-changer for beauty enthusiasts everywhere! Created by professional makeup artist Mariah Kosmidis, better known as @artistrybymariah, The Glam Mat was born out of a desire to elevate the makeup experience, both at home and on the go.

This innovative silicone mat is a first-of-its-kind, meticulously designed to cater to all your mobile makeup needs. Whether you're a hustling freelancing makeup artist or a self-taught beauty guru conquering your craft at home, The Glam Mat is your reliable companion.  

What sets The Glam Mat apart is its ground-breaking silicone construction, providing an easy-to-clean surface that effortlessly transforms any space into a visually stunning makeup station. Designed with the modern makeup artist in mind, it adds a touch of sophistication to your beauty routine, ensuring that setting up glam has never been easier. 

The Glam Mat doesn't just stop at beauty; its heat-resistant silicone makeup makes it the ideal companion for all your hairstyling. Safeguard your surfaces from the heat of your favourite styling tools with this versatile and protective mat. 

Versatility is key, and The Glam Mat knows it well. Thanks to its rollable design, it seamlessly fits into your Professional or Personal Glam Kit. Join countless beauty lovers who have already embraced The Glam Mat and experience a new level of convenience, style, and functionality in your beauty routine. Elevate your artistry!